Let your heart sing and your spirit shine!

Here are some questions you might like to ask yourself…if you choose
Look within yourself for only you hold the key and the answers you are seeking to all of the questions that you have.
1. What brings me joy?
2. What is my purpose?
3. What is my intent in my life?
4. Am I honoring myself by listening to my inner voice/inner knowing? It is always the truth and cannot lie.
5. Who do I surround myself with and Why?
6. What are my boundaries? Do I need to set new ones?
7. How do I show myself self-love? I can only receive pure love from others if I give it to myself first.
8. Am I living in a place of strength and abundance?
9. What am I scared or afraid of if I continue doing the same thing or if I change and follow my hearts calling.
10. What’s the worst that can happen if I let go of fear, guilt, limitations, and fully live in my own unique truth.
11. What’s the best that can happen to me and the ones I love if I choose to really follow my heart and live!?
12. What do I truly and deeply love doing???
13. How can I do something that helps others and still be passionate and enlivened by my choice fully.
14. Last but not least! What is it that I dare not speak aloud that I really really want to do with my life if I could do anything?
Be “The Wind Beneath Your Wings”.

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