Nut Mylk

Cashew Nut Mylk is an easy DIY drink that only requires a couple of raw ingredients and use of a blender. There are a variety of ways to make cashew nut mylk, the most common is to use raw cashews and blend them with water. But, it’s really what you add to sweeten it that makes it so yummy. Think maple syrup, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, the list goes on and on. Play around with a few recipes to determine what level of sweetness you prefer. Once you get your recipe right, you can stick with it for the long term. It’s always best to soak your cashews at least a few hours prior to using and to blend them with the highest speed blender you can find. If you have access to alkaline or filtered water, use it.

Cashew Nut Mylk is a wonderful stable in your fridge. And if it’s a cold day you can always warm it up a bit prior to consuming. Nut mylks are typically very filling so a 500 ml jar can even be an alternative to a meal every once in a while! At Lucky You Cleanse we include a cashew nut mylk in most of our standard cleanses. We often advise clients to sip their mylk throughout the day if they are feeling a bit hungry or in need of a sweet fix!

So what else is great about cashew nut mylk? Well for those of you that are unable to drink milk this is a wonderful alternative. You can use it in your coffee or add it over cereal or even in recipes that call for milk. Just remember that you may prefer to sweeten it less if you are mixing it with an already sweet recipe.

Cashews are high in the B vitamins and a great source of copper and magnesium. They also have a lower fat content when compared to other nuts. Cashews are cholesterol free and a great energy food.

- one lucky duck cleanse

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